Little Old Women

Music, Lyrics & Copyright: Ulla Lindstroem, KODA & NCB. 

Listen to the song:

In a little flat, in her own bed, she died at 84,
she died in peace and never was one who'd ask for more.
She had raised two kids with an older man, living in the country side,
she worked real hard helping other folks, and did it all with pride...
I listened to the story of her life, right before she died

Even during war and poverty, she always felt so rich,
and managed even to take care of other people's kids.
My Grandma was a caring soul, she gave what she could give,
she was an inspiration to enjoy every day that you live!
And that there ain't no limits to
what little old women, with an open mind, and love at heart can do!

My mama met my daddy almost 60 years ago
and they're still going, not so strong, more like 'going slow'.
She has raised four kids and has always been as busy as a bee.
When things look bad, she can always find, the positive to see.
Her optimistic, loving way of life, has meant a world to me.

Like a little angel she has cared for family and friends,
and even when her body aches, her caring never ends.
My mama showed that you can make your wildest dreams come true
if you just use your will and mind, the wonders can happen to you...
And that there ain't no limits to
what little old women with an open mind, and love at heart can do!

It's so hard to watch the ones you love grow weak and old,
inside their weaken'd bodies, they still feel young I'm told,
and years go by, the hours fly with greater speed somehow, -
so if you dream of something you must do, You'd better start right now!

Now here am I, the circle ends, I have no kids to show
cause that was never meant to be in my life, I know.
But I've been blessed in many other ways and I live a happy life,
together with the only man I love, for twenty years his wife.
And even if I could, I would not change anything in my life.

I have always felt that happiness is everywhere to find
you always bring it with you, cause it's in your heart and mind!
I do my best, as Grandma did, to live with no regrets
and die one day knowing that: it was as good as it gets!
And that there ain't no limits to
what little old women, with an open mind, and love at heart can do!

STORY BEHIND this song:
This was the first new song I wrote in 15 years! And one of the two songs I recorded my first time in the studio in 'a once in a lifetime experience'.

When I knew I was going to the studio to try and record two of my own songs, I wanted to see if I could still write songs and make a new one for the occasion. I have always been a very reflecting person with a strong desire to be happy and positive about everything in my life, and I want my songs to inspire other people to do the same. I started wondering about how I got to be this way and why have always been such a very happy and lucky person. I realize that I owe it all to my up-bringing, seing my mum and my grandma as very good examples, showing me that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, if you put your heart and mind into it in a positive way. So THAT inspired me to the title, and it ended up being almost a family tale about the three of us.

You don't have to be either rich or highly educated to have a happy and successful life. It's all in your mind and heart...all the time. Just do your best and live your life with no regrets.

My CD project is a good example of proving the fact that you CAN do anything you want. I never LEARNT how to sing or write fact I don't WRITE music, since I don't play any instruments and I have no idea how to write it down or how to even explain it to others....but somehow I did manage to record a whole CD WITH my own songs. Nothing have ever made me more proud or happy, than making this CD...and seeing all of my songs getting airplay all over the world, every single day! And no one even knew my name before my CD was released!