It Didn't Happen Overnight

Music, Lyrics & Copyright: Ulla Lindstroem, KODA & NCB.
Listen to song:

It feels like only yesterday
it feels like fifty years away
the sun was shining from above
and you and I committed to,.....our everlasting love.

It wasn't really love at first sight,
it didn't happen overnight,
but suddenly attraction grew,
and somehow I think we knew,
that we were on to something right,
it didn't happen overnight,
but strongest bonds are made with care
and the ones that you and I have made are,.....
so special and so rare.

The younger days were fun and wild,
we found a common way and style,
with humor and respect and trust,
funny words became 'a must'.
From flaming temperaments to light,
it didn't happen overnight,
but stubbornness can lead the way:
don't give up, but hold on to your love one,......
and say what you must say.

We have come a long way together
25 years of sunny weather
and those little clouds that for a second comes along,
never seem to hurt us, but instead they make us strong.

The most important thing to do
is staying all committed to
the love you found when all was hot,
and hold on to what you've got!
My life companion and my light
it didn't happen overnight,
but you are all that matters know
even more today than in the start,.....
much more today somehow!

It didn't happen overnight!
My life companion, love and light!
I always want you by my side!

STORY BEHIND this song: This song is dedicated to my dear husband, whom I have been together with almost all of my life. This song was written as an anniversary song for him. The second time we went to Nashville, was to celebrate our anniversary and also to record more songs. So of course one of the songs should be a lovesong for him.

How come we have managed to be together and stay in love for so many years, while so many others give up? I knew exactly what I wanted to say to him in this lovesong...."It's all the little things you do, that makes me go on loving you...." - was supposed to be the chorus! But as the song developed, it didn't turn out the way I wanted it, so that chorus didn't fit in at all....but turned into another...(THE REAL) anniversary lovesong for him (called YOU'VE GOTTA LOVE).

IT DIDN'T HAPPEN so true too though! It wasn't really love at first sight...but just because it isn't that, it MAY just be the love of your life, if you give each other a chance and don't give up the first time you have 'a rainy day'! Stay committed, with respect & love and grow stronger as years go by. That is what we have done and we always will.