You've Gotta Love

Music, Lyrics & Copyright: Ulla Lindstroem, KODA & NCB.
Listen to the song:

People fall in love, with passion
that always seems to be in fashion!
But with daily life on top,
lots of couples do give up!
But 'everyday', is what you make it!
Don't be hasty when you break it!
You will miss the chance to see
just how lovely life can be.

You've gotta love the everyday you're living
who knows what tomorrow's bringing?
Yesterday is in the past,
and today is gone so fast.
You've gotta work it out, and be together,
even through some rainy weather,
suddenly the sun will shine,
once again, and everything' is fine.

Autumn comes, the night is colder,
you put your arms around my shoulder.
And at summer nights you bring
water to me, - little things!
But little things that shows you're caring,
and makes me love the life we're sharing,
and the greatest gift from you,
is when you are happy too!

You've gotta love the everyday you're living
who knows what tomorrow's bringing?
Yesterday is in the past,
and today is gone so fast.
You've gotta love the life we live together,
even through some rainy weather,
normally the sun will shine,
right away, and everything is fine.

It's all those little things you do
that makes me go on loving you
those little funny things,
that makes me know tomorrow brings,
a new and even better day,
to wake up next to you and say:
my love!

Thank God we love the life, we live together!
We don't care about the weather!
We support each others dreams,
and with common joy it seems!
And when there never comes a new tomorrow,
we must think beyond the sorrow!
And as your devoted wife....
I will meet you in another life! 

STORY BEHIND this song:
This song is dedicated to my loving husband, Uwe, and written for him as an anniversary gift. Going to Nashville to celebrate our big anniversary and to record more songs, of course I should write him a love song. Why is it that we have managed to stay together almost all our lives, and even grow stronger as a couple too, when so many others break up and gets divorced? It’s all the little things! It’s being truly committed to each other, growing together in stead of apart, it’s respect, humor, love, being together on things and doing things separately too. Supporting each others dreams and be aware that life is a precious thing, you only have today and NOW. Yesterday IS dead and gone and you don’t know if you will have a tomorrow. Don’t let a ‘little rain’ spoil your day or good relationship, move on and make the best of the NOW, what ever that may include with all that is important to you. Don’t get lost in the everyday life and chores but remember to appreciate each other and do things that makes your partner, you and both of you happy too! :)

Rehersing this song made me cry like the first 200 times I sang it, just the thought of losing him does that to me. So I wasn’t sure if I could ever sing this song with out breaking and getting tears in my eyes. If you listen closely to the ending, you can hear a bit of that...but it’s ok.

THE RECORDING of this song is another story! :)
I wanted to surprise Uwe with this song on the BIG ‘A day’. But on all my other songs Uwe had helped me finding the right chords for the song (that I had in my head, and knew how should sound) and he also helped me ‘pre-recording’ them at home, for the studio. But I wanted this one to be a surprise. Somehow I just couldn’t find any of the chords for this song. So I asked my great producer and dear friend, Mr. Mike Headrick if we could maybe work something out, without Uwe knowing it. And so we did......Every time Uwe went out for ten minutes getting coffee or pizza or what ever we made him fetch, we sat down and tried to figure out the chords. I sang the song to Kenny (the bass player), and he found them one by one on the guitar for me. Not having a ‘music language’ myself this was a challenging process where I could only say: no – no – no, til he got the right chord, then YES!!!! :) What a great help you were Kenny! Thank you so much! That meant a world to me! And the whole band-crew was just so nice and helpful, and also telling me how pretty this song was. I LOVED hearing that from pro’s like them.

For making the basic tracks (with guitar, piano, bass and drums), I managed to get Uwe ‘hi-jacked’ away from the studio for an hour or so, by some wonderful friends who dropped by and ‘urgently needed to show Uwe something in town’, so they ‘kidnapped’ him for a surprise sightseeing. The second he was out, we started recording the basic tracks, that turned out wonderfully, just as I wanted. The following days Uwe was sent for coffee and pizza and other things a lot, while we recorded the vocals, steelguitar, fiddle etc. And we actually managed to finish the song right on time, with out getting ‘caught’...even if it WAS close at some points. :)

And the happy ending: Uwe loves the song more than any of my other songs! And he got it right on the big day too! :) ....and I'm told that this song brings a loving tear in the eyes of even 'big tough guys' when they listen carefully to it! :)

IT DIDN’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT was my first try on writing this song. So you may want to read about that one too? :)