It's Buying Time Again

Music, Lyrics & Copyright: Ulla Lindstroem, KODA & NCB.

Listen to the song:

They say that power shopping, is a woman thing to do,
but I have never met someone, who can compete with you!
When we talk about it, I say we've got all we need,
but you come up with stuff, you cannot live without indeed!

And so it's buying time again, you're gonna leave me now,
I can see that 'buy-away-look' in your eyes!
I try to hold you back, but you are slippery somehow,
and not at all affected by my sighs!

I always try to stop you, but I do not have that skill,
cause when it comes to buying 'stuff', you've got an iron-will.
You talk and talk about it, 'til the day that I get weak!
and with the cutest smile, you go and find the stuff you seek!

And then it's buying time again, ....

I know my dear it hasn't got a thing to do with greed!
As long as we've got space and money: buy all that you need!
I know it keeps you happy for day or two at least!...
and then you'll think, of something new, I didn't know you've missed!

You're leaving now, cause I've just heard the slamming of the door,
the way I know I've heard it slam, one hundred times before!
You've found another guitar, and there's a lot to save,...
and by the way, 'we cannot take, the money to our grave'!

And then it's buying time again, you're gonna leave me now,
I can see that 'buy-away-look' in your eyes!
I try to hold you back, but you are slippery somehow,
and not at all affected,
you're not at all affected, - oh no you're
not at all affected, by my sighs!

...Oh honey, - do ’we’ really need another guitar in the house?
...Oh honey, do you really need another banjo?
...Oh honey!!! You've already got TWO steel can't play on more than one!!!

...Oh Lord! We need a bigger house!!!!  

STORY BEHIND this song:
This one is dedicated to my husband, who is a part time musician. I'm SURE that many spouses of musicians will recognize the theme here? They ALWAYS need just one more guitar, banjo, amplifier or some other stuff, don't they? So bringing home ANOTHER BIG expensive box, he gave me this idea geeeeez!

There is an old Country song called 'It's Crying Time Again'....I thought it would be fun to write him a song called 'It's BUYING Time Again'. And guess what...the song wrote itself, once I had the idea! Another hint in the song, is to the old 'Ruby' song,
(Kenny Rogers), where the rythm changes for: 'she's leaving now cause I just heard the slamming of the door'....I borrowed that too...and hope they don't sue me for that...but here in another meaning for sure.

And yesssss...we actually had to biuld a second floor to our house! :)
Hope you like my song. 

Side story: This song was the first song I ever released too! Four months before the release of my debut CD, this song was out as a single on Country Discovery Records, Summer 2005 Compilation CD! And one week later I was totally jumping the floor to see that THEY ACTUALLY PLAYED MY SONG on the radio stations all over the world!...and not just once or twice! With just THIS ONE song released, I managed to get on the Charts for 'MOST PLAYED MAINSTREAM COUNTRY ARTIST' (worldwide!) and on the ECMA charts too as one of the most played singles in Europe! WOW! :)

I was stunned & sooooo HAPPY and proud!...I could hardly reach the floor! :)