Don't Care What People Say

Music, Lyrics & Copyright: Ulla Lindstroem, KODA & NCB.
LISTEN to the song:

Listening to the radio, - just another talking show!
Subject doesn't seem to matter, lots of people call.
Talk of war or children's care, - people love the open air!
even if the 'outcome' of the shows are all the same!

Some say they do, some say they don't
some say they will, and some other they won't.
I'm gonna figure it out my own way.
I don't care what people say!

Planning for your biggest day, - wedding bells not far away,
dreams and visions get mixed up with budgets and to-do's....Like
who should you invite or not, - can they bring the kids they've got?
get advice, but don't expect that it will help at all!

Some say you can't, some say you could,
some say they wouldn't and some say they would.
You must decide, find your own way!
Don't you care what people say!

Gather some people and ask for advice
you probably won't get the same answer twice!
And looking for answers from other's just fine
but you've gotta make up your own heart and mind!

Making all your dreams come true, - that alone is up to you!
No one else can make it happen, - no one else can know,
what you really need to do, - and how you're gonna pull it through.
Listen to the voice within, you won't regret you did! - Cause:

Some things you should, some things you must
do for yourself, with conviction and trust!
You must decide, find your own way
don't you care what people say! - - Cause:

Some say you can't, some say you could,
some say they wouldn't and some say they would.
You must decide, find your own way!
Don't you care what people say!

Oh no no, - Don't you care what people say!
I know that, -I don't care what people say!


If I had listened to all the “good advice” I got from so many well meaning people, I would have missed the biggest thrill of my life, making my dream come true with making this CD! Thank God I listened to my heart and my inner voice and went for my dream, cause nothing else has ever filled me with joy in such a fantastic way and made so extremely happy and proud for such a long time now! No one but YOU knows what will make you happy! So never listen to people telling you that you can’t do this or that, for some reason, if that is what you really want to do! Follow your heart and dreams, and don’t mind if people tell you that “it’s impossible” or “stupid”! What would be REALLY stupid is to not even try at all! You will regret that always!....and so what if you don’t succeed? Then at least you tried and did your best! But you know what? Chances are that you just MAY succeed, because it IS your dream and therefore you do it with great passion, and what you do with great passion usually turns out real well! Things that are done well often becomes a success! WOW! So here is my formula:

Dream => Passion => Joy => Energy => Great result => SUCCESS! And more happiness & pride!

I’m not saying ‘don’t listen to other people’s good advice at all’.....but listen and then decide for yourself what is right for you and what would make you happy! Have fun even, trying to ‘prove them wrong’. Writing this song I had a colleague who was planning for her wedding. All the worries she had about what to do and not to do, who to invite and all that, trying to please everybody else, when that is not possible. People think and mean what people think and mean, and you can’t change that, no matter how hard you try! So why not go for making at least ONE person happy! = YOU! Chances are that others will be happy too because you are happy! least if they are good friends!

Well this is my works for me...and I stick to it!...and always have! Maybe that is why I have always considered myself to be THE MOST happy and lucky person on this planet!

:) :)