My Father In Heaven

Music & Lyrics & Copyright: Ulla Lindstroem (KODA & NCB.)

My Father in heaven you find me
Where ever I am, where I go
When darkness and sorrow surround me
I’m feeling your love and your glow
You hear every prayer and weeping
You lead all the blind who are seeking
And take every soul in your arms.

Gods Heaven is not one we open
But God opens heaven for us
He listens to prayers and hoping
He guides you through sadness and loss.
His love will go through all and often
The hardest of shells he will soften
And make every seed live and grow.


The Gospel of Love is around us
The Gospel is singing in you
When happiness enters your heart thus
And melt all the sad you’ve been through
You may not believe what your seeing
But know in your heart that you’re being
Forever in His love and light. 


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